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Moleskinsoft File Sync

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File Sync is software which helps you to synchronize folders and directories on your PC or the laptop. The sync program uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data between PCs, laptops, USB flash drives and other external drives.
You can synchronize two directories on different computers in easy way.
Don’t be afraid that you can not do file synchronization process because it is very simple.
Process of file synchronization allows to connect two devices in any place and to have access to data, to change files and directories and to keep these changes. Why do you need synchronize directories? In the office all users of computers are connected by local network and use the general files.
When you disconnect your working computer the user of other computer can make changes in documents. Therefore when you switch on the computer and connect to the local network it is necessary to make directory sync.
Main features:
- Compare files and folders and synchronize them.
- Network support.
- File and directory replication.
- Automated data backup.
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